You’re not just buying a website…
You’re getting a full marketing team

Traditionally when you needed a website or SEO services you had 3 options.

But each has it’s pros and cons, especially if you own a small business.

To help illustrate my point, I’ve given them appropriate names:

  • Option 1 – The “Aggressive Agency”
  • Option 2 – The “Flakey Freelancer”
  • Option 3 – DIYS “Doing It Yourself Sucks”

Like a shark, the “Aggressive Agency” is focused on one thing – big meal tickets.

Sharks are large predators and therefore need equal size prey to survive.

They target larger businesses that can fork over $20,000+ for a website. Of course most agencies work with smaller businesses, but do you honestly think your project is as important as the client paying $125,000? Don’t kid yourself for a second. I know this first hand from working in the industry for many years.

Option number two is a bit cheaper. But it can be more shocking than the big price tag of the “Aggressive Agency”.

Sure, the “Flakey Freelancer” is going to save you money. (Compared to the big Agency.)

But you’re at the whims of a lone wolf. A wolf with the goal of making lots of money in as little time possible. That means they juggle multiple projects and multiple clients. You get only a fraction of this individual’s attention.

The “Flakey Freelancer” is also independent; they have no boss per se and therefore zero accountability. If they get a new and better gig or just feel “burnt out”, YOU suffer the consequences and so does your business.

Over the years I’ve worked with and employed hundreds of freelancers. Some are real gems. But if you think you’ll just get lucky and find someone – best of luck to you. I hope you do. My gut tells me otherwise though.

Your third option is the most cost effective.

But your customers are going to know you saved all that money the second they visit your website. 

Unless you studied and understand HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript …”Doing It Yourself Sucks.”

  • If CSS sounds like the start of a battleship’s name, you should NOT build your own website.
  • If Javascript sounds like a new menu item from Starbucks, you should NOT build your own website.

Here’s how we are different…

We do not believe in the smash and grab mindset used by the “Aggressive Agency” or “Flakey Freelancer”. Instead we prefer to provide solutions that can actually be used by small business owners.

Our web packages include custom design, hosting, email, unlimited updates and technical support. Plus, we do not ask for any huge upfront payment. Instead we charge a simply monthly fee to cover all your web needs. You focus on running your business; we focus on your website.

All of the web design plans are extremely affordable. They are priced based off need – you need a bigger and more powerful website? No problem it just costs a little more.

Even better, our marketing team provides extremely effective (and affordable) SEO plans. We get you on the first page of Google to increase your traffic, customers and profits. Just like the web design plans there is no large upfront fee, just a simple monthly payment.

Our packages provide a complete solution. That means your time is freed up to focus on what matters – your business.

iConnect Media is a Mississauga web design company focused on getting your business exceptional results. And to provide helpful and efficient customer service along the way.

Get started today with your no-risk free trial.

In your corner,

Andrew Hiddleston
iConnect Media
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