Your experienced web developer
is standing by waiting for instructions.

When you just need some extra designing or coding done, our hourly web developer packages work great.

Your package is valid for 12 months from time of purchase. That means you can use it on multiple projects.

Here are just a few examples of how we can assist you:

On-Page SEO

Items needed for this:

  • website logins
  • webhost logins (we make a backup before any changes to your site. This ensures we can restore it in the event anything happens)
  • type of CMS – content management system (e.g. WordPress, etc.)

RSS Feed Submissions

Items needed for this:

  • RSS feed url
  • list of RSS feed aggregators to submit to, along with their login details

Shopping Cart Setup

Items needed for this:

  • shopping cart logins
  • detailed explanation of the intended goal – what you want to accomplish with the cart (eg: create membership, payment button or setup product)

Website Troubleshooting

Items needed for this:

  • list of errors if there are any
  • when error occurs (if you know it)
  • last thing that was done before error occurred (eg: installed or updated a plugin)

Note: Some errors just can’t be fixed, there are no known solutions so these require a work-around. Time used to diagnose or attempt to fix will not be refunded.

Newsletter/Optin Form Skinning (design)

Items needed for this:

  • logins to WordPress website
  • optin form code is preferably in HTML code (as opposed to javascript)

Note: If you’ve ordered one of the advanced web design plans, optin form skinning is included.

Content Population

Items needed for this:

  • Images, articles, video or any content that you’d like to place on your website
  • your WordPress website login details

Website Migration

Items needed for this:

  • Cpanel logins of both the source domain and the destination domain
  • WordPress logins of the source site


Web developer hourly packages


  • $249

    per month

  • 3 Hours
  • Valid For 12 Months
  • Experienced Developer

  • $379

    per month

  • 5 Hours
  • Valid For 12 Months
  • Experienced Developer

  • $599

    per month

  • 7 Hours
  • Valid For 12 Months
  • Experienced Developer