8 July 2013
8 July 2013,

When you are selling mature sites (websites with content) you will find a couple of things you must do to make your website ready so as to ensure smooth transition especially in transferring ownership.

There are 2 key points in passing website ownership from one person to another.

Domain name displacement

Website files transfer

Let’s go to the first one.

What is Domain Name Displacement?

Domain Name Displacement or simply “transferring domains” means what the words simply imply.

In here, you need to check out the host of your domain and ask whether the site already have a registered account as well as a hosting company. Moving ownership around the same company is much easier. What’s going to happen is that, you will be needing an account that will serve as a “destination” account. It should have an account information like the account name itself or account number as well as the authorization code coming from the client.

After which, the client shall “accept” the domain name displacement.


Website Files Transfer

See if the consumer has website hosting already, and verify if they are aware on the name server their hosting company. This is so because they have to change the nameservers afterwards once the web files have been moved.

The domain shall be moved to the client’s account. See to it that it is there. It is recommended to do NOT touch the nameservers just yet except when you’re done prepping up the website files.

Essential Requisites in Preparing Your Website Files Transfer

The laid out steps 1 to 5 aren’t dead critical. However, we would like to make sure we take ALL the measures to see to it that the websites we give to customers are all READY to use and gain profit.

  1. Dethrone adsense, infolinks, or other ads to ensure that clients will be able to place their very own.
  2. Clear away any analytics and web owner codes, and cast them away from your account.
  3. Remove opt-in forms, any live chat codes, privacy, terms, content. etc to ensure that the customer are able to place their very own.
  4. Remove compensated plug ins (essentially the ones that need licenses in which you have no access permission).
  5. Back up everything as much as possible and upgrade the WordPress and all sorts of remaining plug ins. Be sure that the website still looks exactly the same.
  6. Pay attention to the database. Repair it as much as possible. This is strictly IMPORTANT! Moving a website having a damaged database can lead to a damaged website. You don’t want that.
  7. Deleting the old backups is ideal as these can largely increase the amount of files you will need to upload to the web host of the client.
  8. Produce a new backup using WPTwin or Backup Buddy or even download all of the files via FTP, and one backup on your own, just in case of emergency.

At this time, the web site files are prepared for migration. If you don’t offer migration for your clients, you’ll be able to just provide your client the web host and WordPress logins to ensure that they are able to download all of the files out of your web host.

Website Transfer Perfection:

  1. Obtain the hosting logins out of your customer, and upload the web site files (the backup that you’ve just produced). At this time around, the link to the website you’re selling may still be loading the website out of your webhost.
  2. Upload the files into the webhost of your clients. If you have been using FTP, then your database must be submitted also.
  3. Request your customer to alter the title server configurations, to make certain the domain title server suggests the client’s webhost. This move is essential as it will guard the URL of the sold domain to start loading the client’s webhost and your very own.

Altering title server configurations requires a generation time, which typically takes 2 -48 hrs (some website hosts might take longer).

When you have used BackupBuddy, you cannot just unzip the files unless the process above has been completed.

To ensure the web site is loading in the client’s web host, upload an evaluation page towards the client’s web host, and go to the test page url in your browser.

Now you can hand over the logins for WordPress/CMS to you client/customer.

It’s in here that you can securely remove all of the website files (and Cpanel, for those who have Cpanel) out of your web host, as you’ve still got a backup (so long as it isn’t saved in your web host!).

These things mentioned above are just some of the things iConnect Media can help you with.

We do these free of charge when you purchase a site from us as a sign of courtesy and appreciation.

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